1:1 Landskab was responsible for the design of Tapperitorvet and the planning of the entire section 8 including Tapperitorvet, Humletorvet and all roads and smaller squares in the area.

Carlsberg City District section 8



The urban space at Carlsberg metro station

Tapperitorvet serves as a square in front of Carlsberg Station. More than 20,000 people pass through it every day, while the new Cycle Super Highway, “Carlsberg Ruten”, cuts right through the urban space. In the northern section of the square, there are shops, supermarkets, cafés and UCC, where the next generation of teachers and educators trains. A diverse mish-mash of residents, students and commuters meets here.

Classic design lends identity

1:1 Landskab has unified the numerous traffic functions and users in a beautiful, classic design that lends identity and creates a striking contrast to the streamlined buildings on Tapperitorvet. Small bricks interweave to create a uniform surface that is broken up into smaller sections closer to. Light bricks mark the paths, while dark bricks shows the way to seating and bicycle parking.


On Tapperitorvet, nature is invited into the urban environment. Large islands planted with different trees, shrubs and evergreen herbs bring nature right in and pave the way for high biodiversity. The islands are designed in such a way that it is possible to sit down on the edge and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book surrounded by nature. Dotted around the urban space, trees are planted in black round planters with wooden lids that can be used to sit on, display goods or serve as a makeshift table.

We have focused on creating a warm urban space on a human scale. The classic bricks provide a contrast to the streamlined buildings in the area and create a welcoming urban space

partner at 1:1 Landskab, Jacob Kamp