Jacob Kamp

Landscape Architect MDL


Jacob graduated from the École Nationale Superièure du Paysage, in Versailles, in 1998 and was educated as a landscape architect at the Royal Danish  Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen. He has 20 years of experience as a delineating and project planning landscape architect. He has been independent since 2004 and has distinguished himself by winning many competitions and highly acclaimed projects. In parallel with his design studio career, Jacob has participated in a large number of professional bodies, councils and boards and been a technical judge for large architectural competitions.

Jacob has vast experience in managing a project through all its phases. He is responsible for ensuring a good dialogue with the building owner and is constantly looking at the architectonic quality and value creation. He is innovative and has a plucky approach to the discipline.

Jacob always does his best and is equally ambitious on behalf of all projects, regardless of their size or scope. Jacob ensures high architectonic quality in the design studio and works in particular with competitions, development of delineation proposals and public urban spaces.