More than 1,000 visitors a week make their way to IKEA Service & Meeting Centre in Hyllie, Malmö. They come here to develop IKEA together with 800 employees working to strengthen IKEA’s global brand.

IKEA Meeting Centre



Landscape that adds character

Hyllie is a modern industrial area built on a bare field. 1:1 Landskab has designed a landscape that adds character to the site and creates a modern narrative that can grow and develop new layers.

Beautiful all year round

The landscape in Hyllie is designed as a classically stringent park offering scenic experiences all year round. Robust and simple planting, with various poplars, oak species and sweet cherries with white blossom forms the framework of the garden, shielding it from both wind and noise. Brightly-coloured flowers spread over large areas and create an impactful landscape with clear landmarks.

Walk and talk

The landscape is designed to provide experiences, inside and out. On a sunny day, employees can opt to hold their meeting outside, where meandering gravel paths and paths in the grass lead them around a landscape of trees with fruit that can be picked and eaten, while flowers bring colour and fragrance to the meeting.

Parking and local discharge of rainwater

The landscape has been optimised to accommodate the large number of cars that drive to and from the meeting centre every day with well-planned parking spaces and the possibility of dropping off passengers without holding up the rest of the traffic. The park also has ditches to delay rainwater and discharge it locally ensuring that, in the event of a cloudburst, the sewer system does not flood.

We have focused on creating a landscape that expresses IKEA’s DNA. It was to be modern, lend character to the area and, at the same time, have the same no nonsense vibe that characterises IKEA

Trine Trydeman, partner at i 1:1 Landskab