The closing of a residential street provides new outdoor spaces for two neighboring schools – “The Shortcut” makes space for playing and activity, cheer and relaxation.

The project at Lønstrupvej comes up with a solution on how to make the older kids more active. The idea is to have a few larger elements that let the different user groups use the space in various ways with their specific needs.

By allowing the various functions to coalesce and creating a sort of resistance in a tempting landscape the hope is that also the less active will use their body without even thinking about it, simply because they cannot help it. The project thus seeks not to create a school yard but an active meeting point in the local area. “The Shortcut” provides space for playing and activity but most importantly the oldest kids have to be able to recognize themselves in the activities without excluding other user groups.

The project gives the two schools a much needed space that allow for different thinking in ways of teaching. There will be plenty of opportunity to teach whole classes and smaller groups in different ways combining teaching and activity outside the classroom. It will be possible for the schools to do common teaching programs and let the students present their work to each other and thus take advantage of the different teaching competences at each school. “The Shortcut” thus provides a meeting point and a learning platform for the schools.

client | BUF, Municipality of Copenhagen
location | Vanløse
team | total consultant Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter A/S engineer Sloth Møller A/S
status | construction document phase 2014, done juli 2015
service | technical consultant – site proposal, construction drawing phase

photos: Cristina Conciatu