The plaza above Carlsberg Station – Tapperitorvet is a big, green traffic and transit space with more than 20.000 people passing every day. Tapperitorvet is located in connection with the green, urban park Sønder Boulevard and right next to the historical J. C. Jacobsens garden. The new Cycle Super Highway, “Carlsbergruten” runs across the square.

The challenge at Tapperitorvet has been to create an intensive urban space where the traffic flows in a logical way and at the same time a welcoming space as green as possible in an urban setting. 4 raised grove-plantings with native species and smaller wooden platforms with ash trees give the square its green profile and welcome a quiet break in the pulsating daily life.
The square’s extensive floor consists of organic shapes of burned tiles indicating zones for walking and hanging out.

client | Carlsberg Ejendomme
location | Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen
team | general contractor NCC Conctruction Denmark A/S architect Mikkelsen Arkitekter A/S, Rubow Arkitekter A/S engineer Rambøll A/S
status | construction drawing phase 2012, done 2016
service | technical consultant – site proposal, construction drawing phase

photos: Cristina Conciatu