Stig Lommers Square is a modern station square in the newly-constructed residential and business area of Flintholm in Frederiksberg. The square is, with its easily perceivable and simple concept, a flexible ‘groundspace’ that can be taken in many different ways, both improvised and planned.

The square is given form by 3 elements: the lain surface, the grove and the storm water system integrated early in the design process and thereby contributes positively to the square’s landscape-architectonic value. The grove of raised-canopy oak trees will, with time create a small forest in the square, and communicate the transition from the station and commercial building’s large scale to a human everyday scale. The square’s floor, a simple surface of stone setts interrupted by a broken band of sidewalk pavers, is accentuated by bending gutters of untreated iron, which run between the tree trunks to a 165 m2 rain garden. The rain garden is planted with flood-tolerant species of willow, alder and elder, together with a varied groundcover of grasses and herbs, a dynamic planting that creates a living, interchangeable filter along the S-train tracks.

client | NCC Property Development A/S
location | Flintholm Station, Frederiksberg
team | total consultant, architect Vilhelm Lauritzen A/S, general contractor NCC Construction A/S
status | built, 1. prize in prequalified competition, 2009-2012
service | sub consultant – competiton proposal, all design drawing phases, site supervision

photos: 1:1 landskab & Cristina Conciatu

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