The new multi-purpose sports hall at Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Hall C, is located on the southwestern part of Arsenaløen right next to the canal, Laboratoriegraven. The location and the character of the area has influenced the design of both building and outdoor areas, and the neighbourhood, Christianshavn, has now got a welcoming venue that offers activities for people of all ages and a recreational spot along the water.

The multi-purpose hall stands on a functional and robust surface of asphalt with painted stripes inspired by the indoor sports floor. The asphalt surface functions as an outdoor ‘carpet’ that creates a coherent space around the building. The interplay between the mint green stripes and the dark asphalt harmoniously contrasts the building’s red facade. Two gravel areas are located where the ‘carpet’ ends; the northern area provides bicycle parking whereas parking spaces for cars are found to the south.

From the hall a wooden deck ‘folds’ its way towards the canal and becomes the link between inside- and outside. The plateaus of the deck sets the frame for stay and activities – here you can sit, play, act etc. The bicycle path, Chistianshavn’s route is cutting through the outline of the wooden deck. The deck is ‘cut’ by ‘the Christianshavn Route’, a 3m wide shared bike path, but continue towards the water where it also ‘folds’ and creates two additional plateaus towards the water’s surface.

The trees, planted in the asphalt carpet, are crown raised Ginkgo’s, which ads a certain character, and with their yellow autumn leaves enrich the area’s colour-game even more. Along the berm of the canal large willows and alders are planted. As an additional vertical element a series of mint-green poles serves as support for spot lighting and as tethering to the trees, these painted ‘tubes’ in varying diameter and height match the ‘floor’ stripes of the mint green signature color. The poles will help to jumpstart the landscape and highlight the site until the trees are grown.

client | Copenhagen Properties, Municipality of Copenhagen
location | Christianshavn, Copenhagen
team | total consultant, engineer Rambøll A/S, architect Christensen & Co. Arkitekter A/S
status | built, 2011-2013
service | sub consultant – all phases incl. construction management