The outside space of this new school is, as inside, one whole activity and educational landscape with flexible and varied framework for play, studying and teaching.

The main architectural concept is a layering of five precise elements, that together forms a landscape architectural whole. This holistic approach and its design language add a distinct identity of space and puts the new building in strong relation to the surrounding nature.

The Water Elements is the schools stormwater management system, that playfully creates a educational outside space. Rainwater is collected form the roof and led to the canal on the main square. The canal is build with edges and walls for sitting or standing, and invites the students to experiment with water and plants. The canal has overflows and small waterfalls that lead water to the weaving meadow landscape where it continues in a stream to a larger percolation pond. It is essential for design that stormwater management is an asset in the everyday of teaching as well as giving a strong identity and architectural value to the school.

The Near Area is based on the principles of the ´new (Danish) school´ and is a series of outdoor educational spaces. In the atrium courtyards inside and outside melt together and the in these small oasis the students can enjoy the ease of the lush gardens.

The Run and Challenge track connects the schools landscape and ensures an active and physical aspect of the educational facility.

The Culture and Motion Axis is a dynamic path which connects and anchors Nordstjerneskolen to the surrounding areas and facilities of Helsinge.

The meadow and woodlands is base on the large scale qualities of the surrounding landscape. The large nature like landscape frames the school and brings contrast to the urbane qualities of The Cultural Axis and The Near Area.

In all the five elements creates a robust architectural framework for teaching and an active childhood that incorporates contemporary principals in education and sustainability

client | Municipality of Gribskov location | Helsninge
team | Contractor,  E. Pihl & Søn,  Kemp & Lauritzen, engineer Henrik Larsen A/S, Grontmij Carl Bro
architect Creo  Arkitekter,
status | built, 2011-2012
service | sub consultant – all phases