02|11|2018 Good news again! We won the competition for Skævinge Kultur-, Idræts- og Fritidshus in collaboration with Christensen & Co. Architects and Rambøll – see more here


01|02|2018 Good news! We won the competition for Læringshuset in collaboration with CCO and Kjaer og Richter. We are looking forward to being part of creating the school of the future in the new district Nærheden in Hedehusene – see more here


01|02|2018 Hear Trine tell about our big park project at the old Grønttorv in Valby, Copenhagen

Video link

10|11|2017 A few pics from our 10 year anniversary reception. Thanks to everyone for making this a superb afternoon and evening!


27|10|2017 Our projects are coming to life! Tinderhøj Skole and Prins Henriks Skole are under construction

til hjemmeside

23|10|2017 Great news – We are in phase 2 in the competition for Læringshuset in the new district Nærheden in Hedehusene, in collaboration with CCO and Kjaer & Richter

29|06|2017 A few pictures from Gadehaveskolen a school-yard project in Taastrup done for Keingarth Architects


29|06|2017 Our project for the French School in Copenhagen is now well underway – we will start construction this summer – an innovative play and stormwater-management project generously supported by A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal

28|06|2017 We keep building in Carlsberg Byen, urban spaces, streets and courtyards – see more here


15|03|2017 Good news, we have been selected to design the brand-new 3.8 ha park, Nobel Parken, in Lund in the new neighbourhood Brunnshög next to ESS and MAX IV


02|02|2017 More to celebrate – we have won the landscape for a brand new school in Kongsberg, Norway together with our friends at DRMA and Enerhaugen Arkitektkontor

21|12|2016 Proud and happy to have been selected to design the brand new ‘Grønttorvsparken’ in Copenhagen – the city’s first eatable park. See more in this article by “Magasinet KBH”. Read more here


05|12|2016 First sketches of our future stormwater management park in Scandiagade Copenhagen – we look forward to hear what the locals think

Scandiagade skitser

30|11|2016 New pictures from ‘Genvejen’ a project we’ve done with Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter – photos by Cristina Conciatu



28|10|2016 Our proposal for Konnerud in Norway finally done – happy about the result, done in super cooperation with DRMA


24|08|2016 Now Guldbergs Plads is also featured on Landezine – check it out here


24|08|2016 We are super excited to start creating a vibrant, active green space in Scandiagade. We have won the tender in cooperation with Atkins and Nueva.


13|06|2016 In collaboration with Orbicon and Skelskør Anlægsgartnere our storm water management project for the Lyngby Housing Association dept. Fortunen has been completed and we are very happy with the result!

Fortunen_billede til hjemmeside_nyhed

07|06|2016 Hep hep, it is finally official, together with Kjær and Richter we won the competition for a new School in the City Centre of Helsingør. Read more here


07|06|2016 Great news – We have been chosen to do the master plan for the Stærevej neighborhood in collaboration with Everyday and SE trafik


21|03|2016 Trine tells about the thoughts behind the landscape on Bolig-øerne at Marmormolen. Read more here


21|03|2016 We are happy to be consultants on this great project – looking forward to giving Copenhagen a piece of Danish cultural landscape on top of IKEA. Read more here

Dorte-Kavel-04 AER-FINAL-V5

13|01|2016 1:1 landskab is looking for a concept/competiton architect. Read more here

23|11|2015 Hurrah! We are proud to announce that ’On your High Horse’ has been awarded with the Jury-prize in this year’s Hegnspæl (Fence-trophy) 2015, a prize ceremony held by the Copenhagen Metro-company, where the best and most original projects on the construction site fences are awarded.
Read more here.


12|11|2015 Yesterday we got to see the first ’preview’ of the new pavement at Carlsberg City Construction area 8. We look forward to see the tiles spread across the new station sqaure

09|11|2015 Together with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and Balslev Engineers we have been prequalified for the competition about Ny Østergade in Roskilde. In the future new housing, commercial and retail buildings will form the 3 ha big area situated between the railroad and Ny Østergade. We are looking forward to design a proposal showing how a new vibrant and dynamic area can bring coherence between the southern and northern part of the city and strengthen it across the railroad

25|09|2015 1:1 landskab has been prequalified to participate in 3 competitions this fall. In collaboration with Orbicon engineers we are to present a design for the assignment about gardens and storm water management in the area of ’The Old People’s City’, a nursing home area in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Together with Kjaer & Ritcher Architects and Lyngkilde engineers we are to draw a proposal for a renovation and an extension of the School in the City Center in Elsinore. And with ÅF Hansen & Henneberg | ÅF Lighting we have been prequalified for the competition about two new plazas at the station in Ringe, Funen, that has to made in relation to the forthcoming tunnel under the railroad.

25|09|2015 Last week more than 1000 employees moved into their new workplace, IKEA Hubhult Meeting Center in Malmö. We are proud of the design of the landscape park surrounding the beautiful building by Dorte Mandrup Architects. Like the building, the park has plenty of sitting and meeting opportunities that inspire collaboration, meetings, creativity and ‘thinking pauses’. We look forward to see the future growth and use of the planted areas; the many various trees, the flowerings fields, the apple grove and the larger grass areas, so that the employees can enjoy both breaks and work sessions outside. See more here

11|09|2015 Tomorrow, Saturday 12th of September, the new activity square, Guldbergs Plads, will be officially inaugurated. 75 trees, 200 blue poles and many grass hills is part of the square, which already has become a new meeting place for the neighborhood residents, with plenty of room and opportunity to play and relax. The primary focus of the design has been to create a place that encourages more people to move and exercise in the city – a square initiating adults to exercise. At the event, people from Nørrebro Disease Prevention Center will be present, introducing different exercising tips and help new voluntary exercising groups getting started.

At Wednesday, September 16th Guldbergs Plads sets the frame for another festive events; this time I relation to the med RISING Architecture Week Copenhagen 2015 where our event ’Pilsner & Poledance’ is on the program. Here Jacob Kamp, 1:1 landskab, and Flemming Overgaard, Keinicke & Overgaard Architects, will talk about moving and exercising in the city spaces and about the intentions behind the project. Everyone is welcome – read more here

p og p_rising

05|09|2015 We are proud that our Small City Park in Valby was awarded the local Architecture Prize 2015 this weekend. Here is a short extract from the motivation of the selection committee (translated from Danish) ‘Very convincingly Old Valby has gotten its green heart. A hilly landscape with a lawn and beds of perennials, play areas and benches inviting you to stay and play. A large wooden furniture flank the long side of the park and initiate, already in spring, the neighbors to come out and sit in the sun and to meet each other. You can sit on top of a small hill and be seen, or you can disappear in the hollows. Everyone has the opportunity to share the community feeling at Valby’s new green city space, and get to know each other, a green and social place in the neighborhood area, that most certainly has strengthened Old Valby’

03|09|2015 Our construction sites are busy. Over the next couple of weeks the first Housing Island at Marmormolen, Østerbro, will be ready for the first residents. The folding landscape of the outdoor areas is being shaped and prepared for planting of trees, shrubs and grasses, tile paths are being laid out and the different wooden decks that provide access to the harbor are completed. At Energy Center Voldparken, where a new multi-purpose sportshall is to be built in relation to the beautiful building complex of Kay Fisker, the former Voldparken School, the ‘Moleland’ is soon ready to welcome all the kindergarden children and the local scouts. Here they can play in a green landscape with high hills and small molehills, climb the big tree trunks and get lost in the forest thicket

byggeplad_Marmormolen og Energicenter Voldparken

10|08|2015 On a lovely summer Monday the school at Vigerslev Allé was inaugurated after four years of renovation and construction work. It was a great day of celebration with happy pupils, parents and teachers. We are proud and happy to have taken part in giving the school these new active and educational outdoor areas with skate ramps, play and climbing spots, a Tarzan-lane set in a green hilly landscape were storm water can be handled locally, a ‘hang-out’ rooftop terrace to the older students, a ‘chameleon-path’ running through all the outdoor areas and much more

Vigerslev Allé Skole_indvielse 1

23|06|2015 The landscape park we have designed for the new IKEA Meeting & Service Center in Hubhult, Sweden by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, is starting to take shape and will be finished in the summer 2015

12|05|2015 Together with Kjær & Ritcher Architects we have been prequalified to submit a tender for the total consulting of Falkonergårdens Gymnasium & HF-kursus

24|02|2015 1:1 landskab has been prequalified for the competition, Hillerød School Vest, dep. Ålholm, together with JJW Arkitekter, Jørgen Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniører and Esbensen Rådgivende Ingeniører

20|01|2015 The construction work on the new arrival areas to Novo Nordisk’s Seminar Centre at Hvidøre will soon begin. The improvement of the arrival areas is a continuation of the work 1:1 landskab made in the summer 2014, where an upgrade of the landscape garden made by C. Th. Sørensen and new terraces for employees and guests were carried out. The project is scheduled to be completed during the summer 2015

07|01|2015  In collaboration with Frederiksberg Forsyning we are working on a design proposal to ensure storm water management and an improvement of the schoolyard at The French School, Lyceé Francais Prins Henrik, on Værnedamsvej, Frederiksberg. The new schoolyard is expected to be completed in 2015

15|12|2014 By invitation from the local Houseowner Union we are asked to make a design proposal for the square, ‘Kunsttrekanten’, together with artist Esben Klemann. The square is situated right were the Municipality of Gentofte has its beginning, and the local citizens are hoping for a new welcoming square were the mix of art and landscape architecture will become an inviting and inspiring space. We look forward to get started with the project

28|11|2014 The construction workers at Guldbergs Plads are busy. 75 larch trees are planted and the future grass hills are getting shaped. The next step will be the exercise tools that will invite and inspire both children and adults to play and exercise. A ‘forest’ of blue poles creates areas with a 3d climbing maze, tall swings, Roman rings and balance beams, all tools that are primarily designed to attract ‘exercise-unfamiliar adults’ – the catalyst topic for the entire project behind Guldbergs Plads. The square is expected to open in May 2015

Guldbergs Plads byggeperiode

24|11|2014 Hal C at Arsenaløen, Holmen, made in collaboration with the architects from Christensen & Co, has been awarded a prize by the City of Copenhagen for ‘a unique urban space’. The prize ‘Good and beautiful buildings in the City of Copenhagen’ are handed out annually by the municipality, and we are proud to be one of the winners in 2014. Read more here

05|11|2014 The book NEW AGENDA 2: Danish Landscape Architecture 2009-13 has recently been published, and we are proud to be featured with two projects in the book; The courtyard in Classensgade and Stig Lommers Square at Flintholm Station in Frederiksberg. Read more about the book here

03|11|2014 1:1 landskab has helped BIG with the schematic design proposal for the Billund New Squares that has just been handed in to the Municipality of Billund. The squares are designed in relation to the future LEGO House that will be built in the city center where the old City hall of Billund was situated

15|09|2014 1:1 landskab has been prequalified for the Odderøya formidlingsplads in Kristiansand, Norway together with the Danish/Norwegian team; Everyday Studio, DRMA Architects, Papirbredden Innovasjon, ÅF Lighting and artist Marthe Elise Stramrud

29|08|2014 Our small courtyard in the renovated ’Valencia’ at Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen, gets a good review in Politiken. ‘Valencia’, former beer hall and nightclub, is now a seminar center for Danish Lawyers. The courtyard is made in collaboration with Dorte Mandrup Architects. Read the review here

21|08|2014 In collaboration with Henrik Larsen Engineers we have wun the assignment to make storm water management solutions for the row house dwellings ‘Fortunen’, Lyngby Housing Association

13|08|2014 ’Højt til hest som Kong Christian’ our 1. prize proposal for a temporary urban space at Kongens Nytorv will be inaugurated  on Friday the 15th of August 2014. More info here

08|07|2014 1:1 landskab has been pre-qualified to make a proposal for a new square in front of Mariendal Church in Frederiksberg. We are looking forward to start drawing on the task together with our team, Alectia and Nueva. Read more about the assignment here

03|07|2014 The Courtyard in Classensgade has just been published in the German online encyclopedia of the architecture magazine BauNetz in the section ‘floors and pavements’. Read more here

25|06|2014 1:1 landskab makes the cover on the newest edition of the magazine LANDSKAB #4. The studio and selected recent projects are portrayed in the magazine. Read more about the edition here

18|06|2014 Photographer Tine Harden has taken new pictures of the 1:1 landskab team

1-1 landskab kontakt_alle medarbejdere_nyhed