10|08|2015 On a lovely summer Monday the school at Vigerslev Allé was inaugurated after four years of renovation and construction work. It was a great day of celebration with happy pupils, parents and teachers. We are proud and happy to have taken part in giving the school these new active and educational outdoor areas with skate ramps, play and climbing spots, a Tarzan-lane set in a green hilly landscape were storm water can be handled locally, a ‘hang-out’ rooftop terrace to the older students, a ‘chameleon-path’ running through all the outdoor areas and much more

Vigerslev Allé Skole_indvielse 1

23|06|2015 The landscape park we have designed for the new IKEA Meeting & Service Center in Hubhult, Sweden by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, is starting to take shape and will be finished in the summer 2015

12|05|2015 Together with Kjær & Ritcher Architects we have been prequalified to submit a tender for the total consulting of Falkonergårdens Gymnasium & HF-kursus

24|02|2015 1:1 landskab has been prequalified for the competition, Hillerød School Vest, dep. Ålholm, together with JJW Arkitekter, Jørgen Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniører and Esbensen Rådgivende Ingeniører

20|01|2015 The construction work on the new arrival areas to Novo Nordisk’s Seminar Centre at Hvidøre will soon begin. The improvement of the arrival areas is a continuation of the work 1:1 landskab made in the summer 2014, where an upgrade of the landscape garden made by C. Th. Sørensen and new terraces for employees and guests were carried out. The project is scheduled to be completed during the summer 2015

07|01|2015  In collaboration with Frederiksberg Forsyning we are working on a design proposal to ensure storm water management and an improvement of the schoolyard at The French School, Lyceé Francais Prins Henrik, on Værnedamsvej, Frederiksberg. The new schoolyard is expected to be completed in 2015

15|12|2014 By invitation from the local Houseowner Union we are asked to make a design proposal for the square, ‘Kunsttrekanten’, together with artist Esben Klemann. The square is situated right were the Municipality of Gentofte has its beginning, and the local citizens are hoping for a new welcoming square were the mix of art and landscape architecture will become an inviting and inspiring space. We look forward to get started with the project

28|11|2014 The construction workers at Guldbergs Plads are busy. 75 larch trees are planted and the future grass hills are getting shaped. The next step will be the exercise tools that will invite and inspire both children and adults to play and exercise. A ‘forest’ of blue poles creates areas with a 3d climbing maze, tall swings, Roman rings and balance beams, all tools that are primarily designed to attract ‘exercise-unfamiliar adults’ – the catalyst topic for the entire project behind Guldbergs Plads. The square is expected to open in May 2015

Guldbergs Plads byggeperiode

24|11|2014 Hal C at Arsenaløen, Holmen, made in collaboration with the architects from Christensen & Co, has been awarded a prize by the City of Copenhagen for ‘a unique urban space’. The prize ‘Good and beautiful buildings in the City of Copenhagen’ are handed out annually by the municipality, and we are proud to be one of the winners in 2014. Read more here

05|11|2014 The book NEW AGENDA 2: Danish Landscape Architecture 2009-13 has recently been published, and we are proud to be featured with two projects in the book; The courtyard in Classensgade and Stig Lommers Square at Flintholm Station in Frederiksberg. Read more about the book here

03|11|2014 1:1 landskab has helped BIG with the schematic design proposal for the Billund New Squares that has just been handed in to the Municipality of Billund. The squares are designed in relation to the future LEGO House that will be built in the city center where the old City hall of Billund was situated

15|09|2014 1:1 landskab has been prequalified for the Odderøya formidlingsplads in Kristiansand, Norway together with the Danish/Norwegian team; Everyday Studio, DRMA Architects, Papirbredden Innovasjon, ÅF Lighting and artist Marthe Elise Stramrud

29|08|2014 Our small courtyard in the renovated ’Valencia’ at Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen, gets a good review in Politiken. ‘Valencia’, former beer hall and nightclub, is now a seminar center for Danish Lawyers. The courtyard is made in collaboration with Dorte Mandrup Architects. Read the review here

21|08|2014 In collaboration with Henrik Larsen Engineers we have wun the assignment to make storm water management solutions for the row house dwellings ‘Fortunen’, Lyngby Housing Association

13|08|2014 ’Højt til hest som Kong Christian’ our 1. prize proposal for a temporary urban space at Kongens Nytorv will be inaugurated  on Friday the 15th of August 2014. More info here

08|07|2014 1:1 landskab has been pre-qualified to make a proposal for a new square in front of Mariendal Church in Frederiksberg. We are looking forward to start drawing on the task together with our team, Alectia and Nueva. Read more about the assignment here

03|07|2014 The Courtyard in Classensgade has just been published in the German online encyclopedia of the architecture magazine BauNetz in the section ‘floors and pavements’. Read more here

25|06|2014 1:1 landskab makes the cover on the newest edition of the magazine LANDSKAB #4. The studio and selected recent projects are portrayed in the magazine. Read more about the edition here

18|06|2014 Photographer Tine Harden has taken new pictures of the 1:1 landskab team

1-1 landskab kontakt_alle medarbejdere_nyhed

17|06|2014 1:1 landskab has in collaboration  with Varmings Architects, Architects Merete Lind Mikkelsen, Eduard Troelsgård Consulting Engineers and Lemming & Eriksson Consulting Engineers been prequalified for competition about the renovation and modernization of ‘The Yellow Blocks’ in Nyboder

08|05|2014 Together with Nøhr & Sigsgaard, COWI and FORCE Technology we have been prequalified for the competition about a new swimming pool at the Roskilde Bath

01|05|2014 We are happy to welcome the experience landscape architect Arendse Kjærulff-Schmidt as part of our qualified team

09|04|2014 1:1 landskab has been prequalified to bid for the new school in Ørestad South, Vestamager School, together with Nøhr & Sigsgaard, entasis, Lendager, Lyngkilde and Balslev

08|04|2014 Hurrah! We have won the competition for a temporary city space at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen with the proposal ‘On your high horse like King Christian’. More info click here

Højt til hest som Kong Christian_hjemmeside

17|02|2014 The municipality of Rødovre has invited us to participate in a parallel assignment regarding a new architectonic concept that activates and beautifies Damhustorvet and Roskildevej – a task that is both interesting and challenging at the same time

12|02|2014 1:1 landskab has been prequalified for the competition, New Hospital Bispebjerg, together with Brunet-Saunier Architecture, PLH Arkitekter, Niras, Artelia and Transsolar. Read the announcement here

07|10|2013 1:1 landskab has won the tender for a new sports hall and the outdoor areas at the Energy Center Voldparken in cooperation with BBP Architects, MOE and Nueva

02|10|2013 We are proud and happy to announce that Stig Lommers Square has been awarded ’Fine Building’ by the Municipality of Frederiksberg. ‘1:1 landscape has created an empathetic interpretation of the site’s spirit, in a space that unites the various meetings of city life, modes of transportation and levels…..This is a square that can withstand being used, that can tolerate standing empty and that can withstand being wild and green when the oak trees grow large. ‘

21|08|2013 1:1 landskab will host a reception in our new office space in Valby – we hope you have the time to stop by!


09|08|2013 together with BBP Architects we are prequalified to the competition about a new sports hall in Voldparken, Husum, Copenhagen

01|07|2013 1:1 landskab has just moved to a new location with plenty of space, light and inspirational views to the city surrounding us. Our new address is; Trekronergade 149A, 3.sal DK-2500 Valby

23|05|2013 Tonight Trine and Jacob will be giving a lecture at the Universität für Bodenkultur in Vienna as part of the lecture series LX6 Young Landscapes

03|05|2013 1:1 landskab is designing the outdoor areas to the new Mærsk headquarters, Mærsk Drilling and Mærsk Supply Service in Lyngby, in cooperation with Sjælsø and Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter.

08|04|2013 1:1 landskab has together with NCC and Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter won the competition to build a new housing development on the new Bolig Ø, Marmormolen. We are excited to draw the new urbane coast landscapes and outdoor areas.

02|04|2013 1:1 landskab is designing the landscape garden of the new headquarters for IKEA service and meeting center in Malmö, drawn by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter. The park features a variety of experiences and places to stay, for the future employees to enjoy both daily breaks and work sessions outside.

25|03|2013 With a team consisting of Sloth Møller and Kienicke & Overgaard Arkitekter, 1:1 landskab has won the assignment to create an activity space in Guldbergs Plads, with the focus on how to get adults to exercise.

20|03|2013 Stig Lommers Square at Flintholm Station is featured in the latest issue of LANDSKAB #2 2013, an issue that puts focus on climate change design and rainwater management in cities. Read the article here

26|02|2013 Once again the Charlotte Ammundsens Square is commended for its many opportunities to be active and its attractiveness to people of all ages. In a report made by NIRAS for The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities it is mentioned; ‘There is lots of activity both night and day at Charlotte Ammundsens Square, the square is experience to be so attractive that is attracts a wide range of users – of all ages. This means that the square serves as a local meeting place for families. Almost as a extended courtyard for the whole neighborhood.’ Read the whole evaluation here

18|02|2013 With NCC as the total entrepreneur 1:1 landskab is part of the team who has just signed a contract with Udviklingsselskabet Carlsberg Byen P/S about the development of the first part of Carlsberg City. We are to detail the design of the arrival and outdoor areas to the future Carlsberg Station and the Campus Square for UCC.

07|01|2013 In collaboration with the process consultant from Nueva we have recently submitted a plan of action, with an analysis and idea catalogue for the recreational potential along the Cycle Super Highways in Greater Copenhagen area. The plan of action was requested by The Capital Region of Denmark, and is based on the next Cycle Super Highway, The Farum-route, which opens in April 2013.

13|12|2012 We are happy and proud that Stig Lommers Square next to Flintholm Station has received 4 hearts in Politiken. Good ‘everyday architecture’ with locally rainwater management. Read the whole review here

01|10|2012 Our courtyard project at Classensgade 27 has been given an honorable mention in the competition for best private plots 2012. See more here