The qualities and character of the landscape surrounding the new dwellings at Marmormolen, Copenhagen North Harbour, is based on a ‘folded’ landscape with crooked paths in a wavy landscape. Below ground a full parking basement is made and the landscape folds provide good growth conditions for the trees and vegetations. At the same time the raised beds/folds function as a separator between the private, the semi-public and the public zone at the ‘dwelling island’.

The new dwellings have a unique location by the water and thus the inspiration for the landscape is taken from Danish summer cottage areas; contrasts between simple and toned down paving areas, meandering paths run through the landscape where the plantings is wild-growing, varied and lush and at the same time provides shelter from the wind and create different spaces. The landscape focuses on the human scale, here residents and visitors can play, stay, relax and enjoy the seasonal changes.

The public foot and bicycle path is laid out as a big coherent surface of grey coated asphalt. It runs like a winding path from Marmorvej to the public boardwalk by the waterfront, flanked by folded beds. Semi-public paths paved with yellow bricks run from the main path to the entrances, emphasizing the feeling of ‘being home’ while gravel paths provide access to the green and blue oases in the courtyards.

The planting beds/folds in the courtyards help secure level free access from the grass areas and wooden plateaus by the water to the raised garden entrances. The highly varied species in the beds is chosen with toughness and salt tolerance in mind according to the harsh coastal climate. The plantings are put together according to colors that provide sensory experiences both from the balconies and the benches in the courtyards.

client | Byggemodningsselskabet Marmormolen P/S location | Østerbro, Copenhagen
team | general contractor NCC Conctruction Denmark architect Vilhelm Lauritzen A/S, engineer NCC
status | 1. prize in prequalified competition, Bolig Ø øst completed 2015. Bolig Ø vest under construction
service | sub consultant – competition proposal, site approval phase, construction document phase, site supervision

photos: Cristina Conciatu