Walking across the square before Kulturhuset Indre By on a quiet April morning, one can enjoy the square’s flowering trees and white cliff-landscape. Later in the day, it may be the local boys playing hockey or training karate that catches one’s eye. 

Charlotte Ammundsens Square has become a meeting place for the Copenhagen’s residents of all ages. The new square is divided into three parts; a classical Copenhagen square paved in small granite setts, a lowered ball court and a white cliff-landscape. On the Copenhagen square, one can sit and enjoy a meal from the Culture house’s café while looking down over the ballcourt, which is constructed at the same height as Søgade Street, and ends at the wide stairway toward Nansensgade. The white cliff-landscape creates an effective contrast to the dark courtyard and is fit for climbing, skating, or cycling upon. Scattered about the square, ginkgo and flowering cherry trees add a sense of poetry and sensuality.

client | Copenhagen Properties, Municipality of Copenhagen
location | at Inner City Cultural Centre, Copenhagen
team | architect Mogens Morgen,
engineer Eduard Troelsgård Råd. Ing. A/S,
contractor NCC A/S,
artist Beatrice Hansson
status | built, 2005-2008
service | sub consultant – proposal, all design drawing phases, site supervision